A1. It is a programme which enables you to get a 10% of the amount from the master bill from your first event to be offset against your next event at any of the combination of 5 participating hotels/resort.

A2. Event bookers must register their event indicate that they wish to participate in the Events Credit Programme prior to signing the event agreement with their participating hotels.

A3. It is 10% of the total amount from the master bill (exclude GST) from your first event


  Master Bill Total
Your 1st event at Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur (Event + Room Nights + F&B) RM50,000
(exclude 0% GST)
10% Credit RM 5000

A4. You will be issued with an Events Credit Voucher (ECV) stating the amount that can be offset from the master bill of your next event.

EG: Total value stated on the Events Credit Voucher (ECV) = RM5000

  Master Bill Total
Your 2nd event at Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut (Event + Room Nights + F&B) RM 9000
(exclude 0% GST)
Event Cashback Voucher (from 1st Event) RM 5000
Balance to be paid RM 4000
New Event Credit Voucher (EVC) RM400

A5. The voucher will be issued two weeks after the full settlement of the master bill.


    Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur
    Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut
    Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Kuantan
    Swiss-Inn Johor Bahru
    Swiss-Inn Sungai Petani
* Participating hotels may be subject to change

A7. The programme is valid for new events registered and organised before 31 December 2018.

A8. You have until 31 December 2018 to redeem the ECV at any of the participating hotels.

A9. “Event” as applicable is defined as meetings, seminars, company outings, team building excursions, exhibitions, training groups, incentive outings etc. where a combination of services including but not limited to ; accommodation; food & beverage; event space rentals; as well as team building activities etc. may be involved.

A10. No, the Events Credit Voucher (ECV) is not applicable for a straight forward banquet or “Food & Beverage” event e.g. Company dinners, wedding banquets, cocktail hosting etc.

A11. The 10% Event Credit Programme is applicable for the Company or party that is paying for the event.

A12. Yes it is based on on total amount in the master bill which includes but not limited to room charges, meeting packages, dinners, equipment rental and other ancillary expenses related to the events.

A13. Yes, you may redeem the Events Credit Voucher (ECV) at the same hotel for your next event.

A14. Each Events Credit Voucher (ECV) is applicable for a single transaction and cannot be combined with any other vouchers or used partially or for more than one transaction.

A15. Extension of Events Credit Voucher (ECV) after the expiry is not allowed.

A16. The Events Credit Voucher (ECV) is non-transferable

A18. If the amount is more than the stipulated amount on the Events Credit Voucher (ECV), then you would need to settle the balance in one master bill.

A19. For redemption, please notify the sales personnel at the hotel/resort of redemption or email us