Cemara Puri Spa

Comfort, relaxation package with use of traditional products combined with great skills of trained therapists.

Cemara Puri Full Treatment

    Enjoy a relaxing Full Body Massage + Complimentary Sauna With Herbs. (140mins)
    Full Body Massage, Full body Scrub, Flower Bath, Treatment Facial, Hair Care + Complimentary Sauna With Herb / Henna. (210mins)
    Full Body Massage, Full body Scrub, Bleaching with Whitening & Treatment Facial + Hair Care. (210mins)
    Full Body Massage, Full body Scrub, Wrapping, machine fat burn + complimentary Sauna with herbs and hand candle wax. (190mins)

Cemara Puri Massage

    Malay traditional touch, to refresh the body, help improve blood flow, with aroma of essential oil. (60min)
    Using special Honey to relax, release stress and skin to be soft. (90min)
    Traditional Thai with not to use oil to help improve blood circulation. (60min)
    Combination of Malay, Balinese, and Thai massage to feel refreshed. (90min)
    Treatment at our luxury spa with herbs essential oil to improve blood circulation. (60min)
    Massage with using aromatherapy oil for more relaxing with blood circulation. (90min)

Cemara Puri Facial

    Glow your face with natural ingredient and professional techniques. (60 mins)
    Glow your face with natural ingredient and professional techniques. (60 mins)

Cemara Puri Pedicure Manicure

    Normal -60 mins
    Normal -60 mins

Cemara Puri Body Scrub

    Stimulates blood flow and aid moisture to your skin, whitening, deep cleanse and remove acne and oily skin. (30 mins)

Cemara Puri Cupping Theraphy

    Air Cupping @RM90 / Blood Cupping @RM150

Cemara Puri Water Treatment

    • Treatment for smooth skin while enjoying the fresh aroma from natural product.

    • Flower Bath (30mins)

    • Milk Bath (30mins)


Cemara Puri Hair Care

    • Normal Treatment (30mins)

    • Relaxing Treatment (40mins)

    Hibiscus/Coconut Treatment (40mins)

Cemara Puri Special Offer

    • Foot Massage (30mins) @RM70

    Back Massage (40mins) @RM100
    Hand Massage + Candle Wax (20mins) @RM70
    Face Massage + Mosturizer Cream (20mins) @RM50
    Sauna with Herbs (20mins) @RM80
    Henna Design (Charges Based on Design)
    Bleaching For Whitening (45mins) @RM110
    Waxing (Body Hair Remover) @(Charges Based on Design)
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