Family Day Package

Set amidst lush greenery and seascape, Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut is the ideal venue for family day or company outings. Get active with water sports and beach activities or if you prefer some downtime, laze in the resort pool while your kids enjoy an exciting moment at our Wet Side Splash Pool or Kids’ Club.

Let us customise a program that is sure to make you and your family to have a fun-filled getaway or an enjoyable time bonding in this private beach resort with endless family day activities.

Package Includes:

  • Customised Meals & Accommodation
  • Welcome drinks
  • Telematch
  • Wet Side Splash Pool

  • Young Citizens of the World Club (Kids Club)
  • Burn & Build Seascape Gym
  • Damai Farm (Petting Zoo)

Terms & Conditions:

  • Terms and conditions apply.
  • Subject to availability.
  • For enquiry or reservation, please call or Whatsapp +6012 393 0285 (Afiza) or email to ; +6013 297 6391 (Ummi) or email to ; +6012 623 6647 (Sunita) or email to

Telematch & Fun Games for Individual & Group Event

Details of the Game

  • 1. Magic Pail
    • Player : 8 players or more.
      Equipment : 2 Pail and 1scoop for each team.
      Preparation : Fill up one pail with water
      This game can be played as an individual or as a group. For group game, minimum of two groups is required for this event. One pail will be set at one corner and the other pail at the starting point, players need to run and scoop as much water as he can from the pail at the corner and fill it up in the pail at the starting point. To make it more interesting, the scoop used will have a lot of holes for water to flow out from it. They need to ran back to fill up the pail at the starting point. Group that accumulates the most water within the time set will be the winner.
  • 2. The Mummy
    • Player : 2 or more in a group.
      Equipment : Toilet paper or old newspaper.
      Preparation : None
      All the team will be placed in a circle and roll the other partners with tissue or old newspaper till their model looks like a mummy, within a time frame given to them. The most tidy and creative mummy will be announced as the winner for this game.
  • 3. Straw and Ring
    • Player : 6 players or more.
      Equipment : Straw for each player and a lot of rings.
      Preparation : None
      Minimum of two teams will be in two lines, first player will take one string using a straw with his mouth and pass it to the second player and it keeps going on till the last player, who stores the rings for judges to count when the game ends. Team that gets more rings in the game will be the winning team.
  • 4. Balloon Tower
    • Player : 4 players or more
      Equipment : Balloon and masking tape.
      Preparation : None
      Every group will be given 10 to 12 numbers of balloons for them to blow and create the highest tower that they can within the time given to them. The highest tower will be announced as the winner of this game.
  • 5. Pony Tail
    • Player : 4 players or more
      Equipment : A lot of rubber ring.
      Preparation : Chair for model to sit.
      One person from every team will be chosen to be a model and sit properly for his team mates to tie up his hair like a pony tail using as much rubber rings that they can in the time frame have. The winner will be the one with the most pony tail tied on to their model.
  • 6. Find Your Parent
    • Player : 8 players or more.
      Equipment : Scarf for blind fold.
      Preparation : Circle Line for border.
      One group will consist with 2 players or more. One person from every group has to blind fold and will be standing in a circle at the centre, they will be mixed together in that circle.
      Other members will call the name of the blind folded person in order to find them. Caller can’t move from their place, winner will be the first blind folded person to find their partner as fast as they can.
  • 7. Banana Golf
    • Player : 4 players or more.
      Equipment : Banana, potato and string.
      Preparation : Banana will be tied with a string.
      This group game can be played as tele match or fun games for adults and children. Just tie the banana with the string at the waist of each group leader and use the potato as the ball for the player to swing and move the potato to their partner at the other side. Once they have reached that player, they will change their position and swing again until the last player. Group that finishes this task first will be the winner.
  • 8. Eggs Marathon
    • Player : 4 players a team or more.
      Equipment : Eggs – 2 per team.
      Preparation : To have big space area.
      A group of 4 players or more will be in a line for this game. First player will throw the two eggs for the second player to catch and past to the third and fourth player, if the eggs smash or break they will lost this game. If they still have eggs with them, a few steps will be added to the entire group to make the space larger for them to throw the eggs. The team that can save their egg or still have the egg will be the winner for this game.
  • 9. Balloon Burst
    • Player : 6 players or more.
      Equipment : Balloon.
      Preparation : None.
      This game is made for individual events especially for children aged from 5 years old till 12 years old. They will run from starting point to get the balloon and blow the balloon till it burst and run to the finish line. Winner will be the first to get to finish line.
  • 10. Paper Dance
    • Player : 8 players or more.
      Equipment : Newspaper, music.
      Preparation : Ample space for all participants to move.
      For individual event, newspaper will be placed on the floor and it must be less one piece from total number of participants. Music will be on for them to dance and one piece of paper will be taking out during that time. Once the music stops, all the players must find and step on the paper or loose. It will be going on until you find a winner.
      For couple game, they will dance on the paper when the music’s on, once the music stops, we will flip the paper to half and they will dance again. This will be going on until we get the last couple that can dance on that paper without touching the floor while that paper gets smaller and smaller.
  • 11. Musical Chair
    • Player : 8 players or more.
      Equipment : Chair & Music.
      Preparation : Place the chair in circle formation
      Place the chair in circle formation and play the music. Make sure that the players must be more than the chairs. Take out one chair before you stop the music. When music stops all the players must sit on the chair and failing to do so will be terminated from the game. Keep doing this routine until you get the winner.
  • 12. Difficult Bridge
    • Player : 6 – 8 players one team.
      Equipment : Wood plank.
      Preparation : Less one plank from total number of participant for every team.
      This teambuilding game will make you be a good team mate if you work out together with your team members. All team members must step on the plank and work together at all the time for them to win this game.
  • 13. Collect Coin
    • Player : 4 players or more.
      Equipment : Coin.
      Preparation : Life Guard & buoy.
      These games are normally played at the pool area. Lots of coin will be thrown inside the pool for the kids to collect. Who gets the most coins is the champion of this game.
  • 14. Limbo Rock
    • Player : 8 players or more.
      Equipment : Limbo rock stand, stick & music.
      Preparation : None.
      Place limbo stand and stick at the stage and start the music. After one round, lower down the stick in order to make it more difficult for your players. Continue lowering it you find the best player of the game who will be the winner.
  • 15. Poison Box
    • Player : 10 players or more.
      Equipment : Box, work task and music.
      Preparation : Write as much work task as you can, roll it and keep in the box.
      All players will sit down in a circle with one player holding thus calling it a poison box. The game starts when the player passes that box around, backed up by the music. Once the music stops, whoever that holds the box will take one work task from the box and do what it says in it. Winner for this game will be the one who stay until end of the game.
  • 16. Balloon Past
    • Player : Minimum 4 players per group.
      Equipment : Balloon.
      Preparation : To blow 5-8 balloons for each team.
      All the team members for that group must be standing in one line. First player hold the balloon with two hands and pass it above his head to second player at the back of him. Second person gets the balloon with his/her two hands and pass the balloon to the third player between his/her knee and the third player will pass that balloon to the fourth player same as the first person. This routine is continued till the balloon is kept in the bucket for final counting. The team that finishes the balloon first, will be a winner.
  • 17. Paper Tank
    • Player : 6-8 players’ one team.
      Equipment : Newspaper.
      Preparation : To stick newspapers and making it into a big Sarong. Use a road cone to make a check point A, B, C and D.
      All the team members must be inside this giant sarong that we call the tank and walk together to past all the check point and reach the finish line as fast as they can. In the same time they must not do any damage to the tank that’s protecting them. The team that reaches the finish line with minimum damage to their tank will be the winner.
  • 18. Runaway Project
    • Player : 4 players per team.
      Equipment : Newspaper, masking tape and scissors.
      Preparation : To call group leader and brief them about the task.
      The entire team member will be supplied with necessary equipment for this game. Leader of the group will be called and given the instructions for the game. All team members will be working together to make this game a success for their group.
  • 19. Volley Balloon
    • Player : 4-6 players per team.
      Equipment : Balloon fill up with water and pool towels
      Preparation : Volley ball line marking and net or without net
      Two players will hold pool towels with the balloon at the service point and throw the balloon using that towel to their opponent’s side, if their opponent manage to catch the balloon using their towel, they can throw the balloon back to the other side. If the balloon touches the floor or burst, one point will be given to their opponent. Point system can be changed depending on how many teams participate.

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