Samsara Spa

At Samsara Spa, we are devoted to pampering both mind and body amidst beautiful calming spaces. The blending of aroma, colour and sound relaxes, replenishes and enlivens the spirit.

Our Spa treatments heal, nurture and relax tired weary souls with fragrant and healing hands. Here, your body and soul is cleansed with traditional Balinese beauty and healing rituals in a calming and relaxing environment.

Treatments, Scrub & Bath

    Experience our finely grounded Balinese coffee scrub to stimulate, smoothen and refine your skin. Delight in its intoxicating aroma and enjoy its rejuvenation effects. Relax yourself to our traditional Balinese massage. 1 hour and 45 minutes RM290.00++
    Pamper yourself with a heritage recipe from a Balinese Royal Court beauty ritual. Experience a gentle scrub with ‘Lulur’ made from powered spices and sweet wood to soften and refine your skin, followed with a splash of yoghurt to leave you even more refreshed. End with a Balinese aromatherapy massage with specially blended essential oils of your choice. 1 hour and 45 minutes RM270.00++

Hair Care

    Coconuts help to get rid of heat in the head as its conditions the hair, enchancing its luste and colour with specially blended coconut milk. Samsara Kelapa is an ideal add-on to any massage or body treatment. 30 minutes RM110.00++
    This traditional hair treatment entails a wash made out of fresh hibiscus leaves, which included a cooling sap hat as an elixir for heavy heads. 30 minutes RM110.00++

Treatments: Wrap and Bath

    Discover a totally sensual treatment. Enjoy a relaxing body wrap using fresh tropical fruit enzymes to soften and revitalize your skin naturally. Experience our traditional Balinese massage for a rejuvenating feeling for your body and mind. 1 hour and 45 minutes RM290.00++
    Discover the unique ancient healing ingredients of herbs and spices to relieve fever, headaches and muscle aches. Begin with a unique herbal wrap to give you a sensation of deep penetrating heat as you relax in a warming blanket. Enjoy our Balinese massage with specially blended essential oils of your choice. 1 hour and 45 minutes RM290.00++

Facial & Nail Care

    Achieve that natural glow you’ve always wanted. Deep cleansing, gentle exfoliating, revitalizing, tightening and moisturizing mask, a nourishing moisturizer and added tread of a head, shoulder, arm and foot massage will leave you feeling brand new. 60 minutes RM200.00++
    Relax your feet in a warm soak as dry skin and callouses are sloughed, cuticles are gently pushed and trimmed, toenail shaped and filed and gentle creams applied. Finish off with a swoosh of your choice of nail varnish. 60 minutes RM150.00++
    Pamper your hands with a gentle massage on your delicate palm and fingers. Cuticle softening, trimming, nails shaping, filling and buffing follows. Just pick the nail polish colour of your choice. 60 minutes RM180.00++

Rejuvenating Body Treatments

    Indulge in our signature massage. Beginning with a gentle Thai massage, we follow with the relaxing and gentle palm stroke of Balinese and traditional Malaysian massage. Using your choice of our blended essential oils to suit your mod, we finish with the no-hands' Hawaiian loami-loami to completely relax and de-stress your entire body and mind. 1 hour and 45 minutes RM270.00++
    This treatment starts with a traditional Thai massage. A steamed pouch of lime leaves; lemongrass and other thai herbs are gently pressed along the meridian of the body. This exotic and relaxing treatment increase circulation and energy flow, removes toxins from the muscles, reduces water retention, and increase joint and spine flexibility. 1 hour and 30 minutes RM270.00++
    Experience the twin benefit of essential oils and fresh sweet honey to relax and de-stress you. Honey has traditionally been used to cover open wounds in order to soften scar tissues and encourage the growth of new skin. This honeybee treatment will help you reap the benefit of skin renewal as it firms and tones your body.1 hour and 30 minutes RM270.00++
    This massage is described as 'Yoga Massage' for its stretching and bending movements. This is ideal for anyone who desires increased energy flow and flexibility. 60 minutes RM180.00++
    The art of traditional Malay massage is passed on from generation to generation. This technique involves long kneading strokes on the muscles as pressure is applied to various points of the body. This treatment uses oil made from special local herbs such as lemongrass, pandan leaves and etc, to invigorate circulation. 60 minutes RM180.00++
    Experience the twin benefits of a Balinese massage combined with stretching, palm and thumb pressure techniques and rolling strokes. Specially blended essential oils also help to improve blood flow and ease stress. A relaxing foot massage is included to remove any blockages along the meridian lines linked to the feet. 60 minutes RM180.00++

Samsara Extravaganza

    Experience a gentle scrub with our Royal Javanese Lulur scrub of powdered spices, herbs and sweet wood to soften and refine your skin, followed with a splash of yoghurt to smoothen your skin as you enjoy a choice of our home made hair treatment to revitalize and soften your hair. Free your mind; relax with a glorious soak in a foaming milk bath. This indulgent treatment finished off with a relaxing traditional Balinese massage to ease your stress.
    Pick your choice of a Javanese Boreh or Fresh Tropical Fruit body wrap; a mixture of ancient healing ingredients; fresh herbs and grounded spices or fresh tropical fruit puree to wrap your body. We pamper you with a warm local floral bath with essential oil. End your treatments with a relaxing Balinese massage to improve your blood flow. 2 hours RM350.00++
    Enjoy a traditional Javanese Lulur body scrub. A splash of yogurt smoothes and refines your skin, followed with an ancient hair treatment for a boost of shine moisture. Lastly we end this treatment with a Balinese massage with your choice of essential oils. 2 hours RM330.00++
    Relax in a glorious warm foaming milk bath; enjoy an ancient hair treatment of your choice; Coconut Milk or Hibiscus enzymes. To relief your stress we relax you with a traditional Balinese massage. 1 hour and 30 minutes RM330.00++

Samsara Extravaganza

Steaming treatments have long been used for curative purposes and for general well being as it relaxes body muscles, rid the body toxins, improves blood circulation and even aid in burning unwanted body fats. Its helps to alleviate cough and colds. At Samsara Spa, we have a specially designed treatment for female hygiene that prevents discharge and has a cleansing effect thus eliminating any unpleasant odor. It also has a tightening effect. The steaming process is done in individual steaming modules thereby ensuring total privacy. Each treatment last approximately 20 minutes and is normally followed with a relaxing traditional aromatherapy massage and body scrub or body wrap.
    We have especially designed for female hygiene as it prevents excessive discharge and has a cleaning effect thus eliminating any unpleasant odor. It also has a tightening effect. Using natural herbs, it warms and removes wind from the body. 30 minutes RM110.00++
    A mixture of fresh herbs, combine with the steaming effect to ease muscle aches and improve blood circulation. It also helps in alleviating coughs and colds. 30 minutes RM100.00++
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