Places of Interest

Semeling Jetty - Tanjung Dawai

Semeling Jetty is located at Merbok River about 20 minutes drive from Sungai Petani. An array of interesting sightseeing activities can be explored especially the 2 hours eco tourism round trip boat tour to Tanjung Dawai Fisherman Village which guest can experience a panoramic views of diverse mangrove sites, fishermen with their fresh “catch”, species of birds and fishes and breathtaking scenery especially during sunset. Shoppers can indulge with an abundance of fresh seafood and not forgetting the popular traditional homemade prawn paste, dried anchovies and salted fish.

Pulau Payar Marine Park (Payar Island)

The main attractions of Langkawi lies in its undersea treasure of marine life. Pulau Payar Marine Park (Payar Island) which is an hour speedboat ride from Pulau Langkawi is regarded as Malaysia's best marine park with an abundance of underwater life. Snorkelling and diving are the most popular pursuits whereby you can appreciate the colourful and spectacular sea life and corals. For those who do not want to get wet can view kaleidoscope of colour and shapes of the magnificent fishes from an underwater observation chamber.

Snorkeling Package Available @ RM220 nett per person (minimum of 8 persons)

Ulu Legong Hot Springs

Imagine your stress being soothed away as you relax in a natural hot spring. Situated about 120km south of Alor Setar, Ulu Legong Hot Springs offers four pools with temperatures ranging from 38degree celcius-49 degree celcius. Although it is open during the day, the cooler temperatures at night make it the best time for a visit. There is also a pool available exclusively to ladies.En route to Ulu Legong, visitors will pass a fang –shaped arch that has been erected to commemorate this legend.

Paddy Museum

Tucked away at the foothills of Gunung Keriang, amidst acres of paddy fields, is Malaysia’s only paddy museum. It is the fourth of its kind in the world after Japan, Germany and the Philippines. The museum’s unique architecture resembles bushels of harvested rice stalks. Browse through the interesting collection of paddy related exhibits, from the tools that are used, to information on cultivation and harvesting, even legends and taboos. A must visit attraction here is the observatory on the first floor, where a huge three dimensional mural depicts amazingly lifelike images of an agrarian community. The rotating platform here gives a breathtaking 360 degree view.

Lembah Bujang Archaeology Museum

Step into an astounding treasure trove of archaeological wonders. Sprawling some 400square km, Lembah Bujang is the richest archaeological site in the country. At the zenith of its fame from the 3rd to the 12th century AD, Lembah Bujang was a vibrant trading centre in Southeast Asia. It was hailed as “Nusantara” or the “seat of all felicities” and was the centre of a flourishing kingdom. The museum showcases nearly 1000 artefacts that were recovered from this buried civilisation. Its two main galleries display various exhibits that are testaments to Bujang Valley’s role as a centre for trade and religious activities. Exhibits include earthernware, beads, ceramics, photographs and many other fascinating relics. Some 2500 other treasures recovered from this site are still being studied.

Sedim Tree Top Walk

Enjoy the thrill of strolling along the world’s longest Tree Top Walk. This 925m walkaway, acclaimed as the world’s longest, takes you alongside towering trees and vast green canopies. This great attraction is situated in the Gunung Inas Forest Reserve, a verdant jungle that is home to giant trees and many medicinal herbs. A thrilling experience here is looking down at the Sedim River flowing rapidly beneath. The walks begins at an elevation of 5100mm above forest level and the altitude is increased gradually. Its highest platform stands at 50m above ground. Visitors can rest assured that the walkaway is built with reinforced steel and equipped with railings.

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