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Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan

Swiss Garden Resort and Spa Kuantan hotel reviews

Places of Interest

CHERATING - Cultural / Fishing Village

Cherating, lovely village located along the Coast of Pahang is truly an exclusive vacationer's paradise offering a foray of activities. Situated approximately 47 kilometers north of Kuantan, the capital of Pahang and is easily accessible by road. Cherating has developed from a small-unknown village into what is now a magical household name not only among locals but foreigners as well.

SG. LEMBING - Old Mining Town Tour cum Cave Exploration

Today Sungai Lembing is likened to a Malaysian 'Cowboy Town'- the place time forgot. Embark on a leisurely drive of thirty minutes from the town of Kuantan, passing lush, tropical bush untamed by alternating with neat, regimental rows of oil palms giving the landscape a manicured look- at every turn, every corner, one comes upon something unexpected. The tin mining was the sole reason people came.

KAPAS ISLAND - with Gemia Island

Drive up north to the Marang fishing village to catch a boat across to the Kapas Island. Trip takes 20 minutes from mainland to island. Pulau Kapas makes a convenient escape from modern living. The softness of the sand on the beach gives this exotic island it's name; 'kapas' which means cotton. From an array of activities, choose to swim, snorkel, go diving, laze around. Discover the colorful underwater world of corals and tropical fish.

KEMAMAM - Firefly Wonder

Have you ever wondered about the small blinking creatures that light up summer nights? Their yellow glow is a product of their protein intake and is used as a form of communication. This section of their bodies which lights up is usually about half of a firefly's total weight. Watch this as you cruise along River Yakya and discover the wonders recorded in the insect world.

LAKE CHINI - Country & Fascination

In the southern portion of Pahang about 100km from Kuantan and 60km west of the Royal Town of Pekan lies another of Pahang's unique attractions. Lake Chini, actually is a group of 12 freshwater lakes, is Malaysia's answer to Loch Ness. Legend has it that the lake is the side of an ancient Khymer city, now completely submerged and guarded by the monster of the lake.