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Tupai Kid’s Club

For 'Funducational' Fun 'n Educational activities, Tupai Kid's Club is the meeting place for all kids aged between 4 and 12 years. Located on the ground floor, Its colours and design are carefully coordinated to reflect a bright and cheerful indoor playground. Here, kids can enjoy adventurous play, social skills and also exercise their mind and body with educational and physical games.



Batik Painting 12x12 inch
RM 20 Per pcs
Location: poolside or lobby
Colouring Contest FOC
Age: no limit
Location: Tupai Kids Club
Prizes: Hamper
Tennis Court (7pm – 10pm) RM15.00 per hour
Tennis Racket (2 racket & 3 balls) RM5.00 per hour
Wii Games RM10.00 per person per hour
RM15.00 for 2 persons per hour
Pool Table RM3.00 per game
Games Machine RM2.00 – RM3.00 per game
Archery, Blow Pipe, Beach Soccer, Volleyball, Gym & Sauna Free of charge (Based on Daily Activities)





Kangaroo Balloon Team of 6 -8 members line up one after another
One member stands opposite of team puts on Sarong
Members run to fetch balloon, blow up and put them into Kangaroo’s Pocket (Sarong)
Locks & Keys Team of 6 -8 members line up one after another
Each team has a lock to release
10 keys are placed opposite the team, only 1 releases the lock
Hula Hoop Race Team of 6 or more can play, each line up holding hands out
A hula hoop starts to move back & forth the human chain, from one end to another
Participants cannot let go their hands throughout the game
Who’s Longer Team of 6 or more can play, line up one after another
By using anything found on their bodies, they are joined up to make a straight line
Team with longest line wins
Ringgit & Sense Team of 6 – 8 can play, each with a sticker on chest, with denominations from 5 – 50 sen
MC will shout for amount and members run to a hula hoop opposite them
Only 10 seconds is given for each round, fastest & correct team will win each round

Team Building




Spider Web

To get one after another out of the web
“Holes” are eliminated each time someone touches or crosses
Time may be considered as well as team relations
Trust Fall One by one stands on high stand
Other team mates line up to catch as person falls backwards
A real test of trust and be trusted
Snake Pit Objective to cross the snake pit using two short planks
Lots of thinking, planning & executing
Grab Me, Grab You Two cables tied in V shape
Couple by couple, team members hold hands to walk on cable
Mental & mildly physical challenge
Giant Finger Get tyre out from a pole
Tyre must not touch pole at any time
Strategy planning is important