Places of Interest

There's more to Damai Laut than our luxurious rooms and top-notch resort facilities. With its crystal clear waters, it is one of the best diving and fishing resorts in Malaysia. Feed your wanderlust by visiting pristine beaches, watching nature from up-close at Pangkor Island, snorkeling at Teluk Penyu, exploring the Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve and satisfying your crave for fresh seafood at the Kuala Sepetang fishing village. Surrounded by sun, sea, sand and beach, the multi-award winning Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut is deemed to be one of the best water sport resorts in Malaysia.

Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve Excursion

Take a trip to the pristine mangrove and mudflat ecosystem that is renowned as the largest single tract of mangrove forest in West Malaysia.

Kuala Sepetang

Give yourself a treat on fresh, mouth-watering seafood at the Kuala Sepetang fishing village overlooking the mangrove river.

Charcoal Production Tour

Visit the charcoal factory and catch a sight on how freshly cut trees are stacked and loaded into large baking kilns to produce charcoal with fire burning up to 20 days at 220 ℃.

Segari Turtle Sanctuary

Drop by at the baby turtles' heaven where you are able to watch them being hatched and hold them in your hands as you feed them with their all time favorites – fresh cucumber.


Be amused with the array of big and small fishes, clothed in bright colours dance through the crystal clear waters and experience the personal touch when they swim around you.

Coral Watching - Teluk Penyu

Dive a little deeper into the sea and furnish your eyes with the barrel sponges and soft corals that make up the sea floor.

Fish Feeding – Coral Bay

Be there personally to watch the school of fishes dive over to your hand as you feed them with their favourite treat.

Pangkor Island Drop

Enjoy a sumptuous lunch at the island for a taste of local delicacy. You may also spice up the island tour by shopping around for local specialties as souvenirs to bring home.