Hotel Management

Management contract with Swiss-Garden International

Our hotel engineering expertise is unique in the market. By choosing Swiss-Garden International, one of the world's best hotel operator, you'll have everything you need to generate a return on your investment. Together, we can forge a win-win partnership based on total transparency and ongoing dialogue, in line with the values that have guided our operations. Contact Joshua Benz Chen based in Sydney, Australia today at

Management contract

Reasons for choosing an Swiss-Garden International management contract for your hotel

With many directly-managed hotels, resorts, Inns and lodge (including owned, leased and managed hotels), Swiss-Garden International's experience in this sector is unique.

Operational excellence that will guarantee that you enjoy the highest margins and earnings.

Innovative and, above all, efficient distribution systems will bring more customers to your hotel and improve your average room rate, while reducing your agency commission costs.

Swiss-Garden International vacation club, which has hundreds of members and referral programs, will attract new customers and encourage existing customers to come back more often.

A sales force that will let you position yourself in all market segments (leisure and business), attract all types of customer (individuals and key accounts) and operate in all high-potential markets specific to your hotel.

Referenced suppliers who will guarantee a level of quality, price and delivery as if you were an Swiss-Garden International Group subsidiary.